Where there is a will, there is a way

Meet Viraj Galpade, a former village dweller, who left behind his rural setting to come and settle down in Pune with his family, with the intent to acquire quality education and be ready to face the world head-on. He lives in the slums of Balajinagar in Bhosari, PCMC area with his mom Jyoti, who is a homemaker and his father who is employed in a nearby factory. Jyoti, always wished for a brighter future for her lad and is convinced that Viraj should acquire more education, than what her primary education imparted her, which by all means falls short of what a stable career and source of income in today’s world, would necessitate. Viraj’s father also resonates the same thoughts and has been supportive of his academic pursuits. Viraj is enrolled currently with SNEH Community Preschool in Balajinagar and is now well acquainted with the online learning process, thanks to the efforts of the pre-school staff to get him and his mother familiarized with this virtual learning medium. The pre-school staff also submitted his RTE (Right To Education) application and managed to get Viraj admitted in the Jyoti English medium school in the PCMC area. Viraj’s parents believe that the knowledge and foundation laid down during his pre-school days will go a long way to ensure that Viraj will shine in his future endeavours!

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