About Us

SNEH Foundation is a non government organization registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950. We are a 12A registered trust with section 80(G) status of the income tax act.

SNEH follows all financial regulations set forth for NGOs by the Government of India, and is audited annually. SENH also has FCRA registration that allows us to accept funds from out of India.


Dr. Pankaj Bohra founder

If every child gets solid – nutrition, education and health, she/he will grow up to become a responsible citizen and can change humanity for good. SNEH envisions heaven on earth if we all work together towards this idea leaving aside our personal priorities. To have compassion, empathy and love towards fellow human being is the key to make this world a better place.

Message from the CEO

Shraddha Deo- CEO

Thanks for visiting our website. Our website talks about ‘what we do’, but here is ‘what we believe’.
SNEH Foundation believes in sustainable solutions to issues pertaining to Education, Health and Nutrition among the most marginalized population. We do not want to be an organization that seldom empathizes with people’s problems and just works on temporary issues with mere interim results to show the world a pool of extravagant statistics of success stories. SNEH strives to dig out the deep rooted causes of people’s problems, and offer them long-lasting solutions. We believe that feeding people for free or distributing materialistic assets to needy people doesn’t encounter the basic quest. However, educating people to earn what they need, providing equal opportunities and knowledge to the so called ‘Underprivileged’ population, linking the Government facilities to the most needy beneficiaries, and making people aware about them is something that will surely be sustainable and a permanent solution to poverty, illiteracy, illnesses etc. Through our array of initiatives, we strive to educate people about Health, Education and Nutrition with a touch of empathy and compassion so that they do not depend on anyone unless its an emergency or requirement of funds.

As a part of SNEH Foundation, I truly believe that, the success of the organization and a true sense of being a difference to make the change rests in cognizant and committed impulse and urge by honest group of individuals; and having said that, we are lucky to have an extremely dedicated team of employees, donors and volunteers who are making a difference instead of cribbing about the problems of our nation. Come, Join us and experience what is it to be a SNEHi!