Bravery is finding a way through turbulent times!

Shaurya Krishna Patil, a smart and enthusiastic 4 years old boy lives in a rented accommodation in Kalewadi community PCMC, Pune. His family migrated from Vidarbha region in Maharashtra. Krishna, his father is not educated enough to get a permanent job and his Mother Kavita is a homemaker. Shaurya lives in a joint family along with his parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. His father is the only breadwinner in the family of 11 people. With the intent to provide quality education for their son and cover household expenses, Krishna used to work day and night to financially support his dependents. Everything was going well until the pandemic hit in early 2020. Shaurya’s father lost his job and the family had to move back to their native place as there was no source of income. To make a fresh start, Krishna returned to Pune after 10 months in search of a job and better education for his son leaving behind his family in his native place. During our Survey, SNEH staff met Krishna and assisted him in enrolling Shaurya at the SNEH Community Preschools’ Kalewadi branch.  Our staff also helped him and his other family members to locate nearby jobs. After finding a satisfactory job, the family is united again and living together in Pune with Krishna. Shaurya also joined our Nursery online classes. 

Initially, he was very shy and had concentration problems. Our Kalewadi teachers put in extra efforts to improve his concentration and social skills. True to his name, now Shaurya (Bravery in English) handles every situation very well. Now with improved confidence in class, he eagerly participates in all class activities and has improved immensely in academics as well. 

Shaurya’s parents are happy to see him attend school enthusiastically and learn new things every day. Shaurya’s family is grateful for help and guidance provided by SNEH. 


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