Eyes on hope!

Anil Sahani, an FYBA student from Gorakhpur, UP had approached SNEH Foundation for providing a cell phone for online education that he was missing out on. He has 100% visual impairment in both his eyes and needed a phone that was compatible with an app that would help him learn. He was studying in FYBA. His financial condition is extremely humble. His parents were working in Mumbai on daily wages prior to the pandemic but had no work for 1.5 years. With the help of SNEH well-wishers, we could help Mr. Sahani get a cellphone that helped him attend online classes and learn through apps that are made for people with visual disabilities. We also helped him with his college fees as he didn’t have the required funds to continue his studies. He also is a talented musician and pursues the same along with his studies. He was also supported in getting a part-time job for some days so as to support his daily expenses. He is pursuing his BA second year now after completing his first year and expressed his gratitude to SNEH and has also promised to give back to society once he starts earning. 

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