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Aims to address every Maternal and New-Born Healthcare issues that we come across in the field and provide medical guidance to beneficiaries and if required, monetary help!

In association with Wipro Cares

SNEH Healthcare Group is working to eliminate or to combat the malnutrition. Maternal health plays an important role in malnutrition. It is the prime cause of morbidity and mortality in children and, to combat the malnutrition we need to work on the maternal health at an early stage to prevent the future health problems. It is also paramount to impart this knowledge to the reproductive age group so; sooner or later they can take a good care of their own self and which will ultimately lead to better health of the mother and child.

This project will immensly contribute in the reduction of morbidity and mortality rate of mother and child. So, with this vision the Project Vatsalya has been started to provide the affordable health services
through health camp and community awareness campaigns with special focus on maternal health along with an aim to reduce maternal and child mortality and morbidity in the 6 slum pockets of PCMC, Pune. which is a leading cause of Under-5 Mortality in India,

Our volunteers identify cases during field visits. They then consult the concerned doctor on the team and ensure the necessary action. Doctors provide 24×7 medical help and if required, refer the patient to other hospitals where he/she can receive medical help at a bare minimum.

Numerous Medical check-ups are done by our health care group with direct beneficiaries in the community. Health awareness sessions are conducted by experts covering a wide range of maternal & child health issues.

Whatever may be the hurdle, SNEH Foundation ably supported by Wipro Cares is always determined in identifying the issue, and most importantly, putting it all out to solve the problem.


  1. Sneh Foundation is good charity

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