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Aims to provide high-quality pre-primary education to the kids from the most marginalized sections of the society.

SNEH Project Gyan at Kalakhadak:

Kalakhadak is one of the most marginalized communities in PCMC. We discovered this place while one of our routine surveys. So we started working on the kids – the future. Weekend English classes were started for the kids in the community by our changemakers. The classes were a success and so they were started daily with the help of a courageous girl ‘Reshma’ from the community whose professional education is sponsored by the SNEH Foundation. The classes are in their second year of operation and our enthusiasm hasn’t dwindled. Along with the daily classes, we also organize various activities for the benefit of the community viz. health checkups, street plays, donation drives, parent counseling sessions to name a few. We have still a long way to go, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. The step has been taken and Snehis are committed to the total transformation of the community.

60 kids of age group 6-14 years are attending daily classes in the community. The idea is to bridge the education gap and raise the confidence of the children.

Kids are enrolled quarterly to ensure that the learning curve is on the rise.
Apart from education kids are motivated to sing, dance, paint, etc to certain creative and cognitive

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