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The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities provides direction
for the Inclusion of people with mental health problems and psychosocial disabilities. Having said
that the Community Mental Health project by SNEH Foundation in association with Wipro Cares also
is focused on the inclusion, well-being and thriving of people with mental health issues at all levels
i.e. psychological, behavioural, emotional as well as social levels. The project is being conducted in the
urban slums of PCMC-Pune. In addition to the recovery of the symptoms, the project intervention is
focused on providing intercessions that would equip the beneficiaries in a holistic way so that they
would be able to continue living with dignity, skills, and the well-being of self. Moreover, the
communities and families are being helped to be more inclusive, aware and supportive towards the
beneficiaries (even after we exit from the communities) so that any person dealing with mental
health issues is provided with the support that he/she needs. The model of the project is
community-based and community-led. This is one of the most sustainable ways of working towards
the objective of the project.p 6-14 years are attending daily classes in the community. The idea is to bridge the education gap and raise the children’s confidence.

Kids are enrolled quarterly to ensure the learning curve is rising.
Apart from education kids are motivated to sing, dance, paint, etc for specific creative and cognitive

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