Education that promotes compassion- The need of an hour!

In today’s time, there is a section of society where children are raised in an abundance of resources. Where each birthday party is no less than a ceremony,  where each one posses every toy available in the market,  where they are denied of nothing (except the quality time of parents and love). These children are made aware of social causes to address global warming,  Save tigers, Swatch Bharat.  But all these through fancy events where the family has fun more than to understand what and why they are doing.
For that matter, most of the people of our generation also do not have any insight about social issues,  about social needs.
We all are so engrossed in our little world we do not have time,  energy to peep out and see if someone,  somewhere is in real need of help. How will make our children aware?
I truly believe if we inform,  inspire and educate children in right age that their role in this world is not just to earn lots of money for themselves and their family but also to get down on the ground and extend a helping hand to the people in need. Unless we spread these vibes and intentions of contributing towards the betterment of others we can never bridge the gap between poor and rich. There are numerous NGO and people working for infinite causes that maximum of layman will never even think of. They need to reach out to inform kids,  youth inspire them at least to think about how they can contribute. There are many and many who donate money,  stationery,  clothes.  But again the goals are not known,  the intentions are not set right.  This education of where and how can I contribute better will only come if the thought starts to churn early.
I started coming to SNEH and I felt so small,  so worthless that people are doing and thinking so much about other people.  It takes great efforts and great intentions to empathize.  At such level that you attract like-minded people,  take up huge responsibilities,  make a difference.  And when I see that the only thing this set up lacks is more and more such people..  My belief grows stronger that children need to know what they are capable of doing ..apart from making fortunes, discovering a new planet or designing a new app for chatting.
Please Educate,  inform and inspire people..  (One more project  in your list :))

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