SNEH preschool

SNEH Pre-School was started 4 years back with a vision to provide early childhood education to the children from marginalized families and create a strong foundation for the Primary and Secondary education.

Using Right to Education (RTE 25%) policy of the Indian government as a tool we enrolled our students from SNEH preschools to top ICSE, CBSE schools from PCMC. Adarsh was one of the 22 kids that were enrolled in reputed schools through RTE. Adarsh and his mother Rukmini are more than delighted for Adarsh will now be studying in Podar International School, Chinchwad Pune. In her words, “Sir, we have very small dreams, leave apart education I never thought of entering Podar international school in my life and now my son will study in one of the best schools in the city”. These stories help us realize that SNEH is progressing towards it’s mission and vision.

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