Other Activities

SNEH Foundation - Partner With Us

Number of Volunteers Required: 8-10

Expected Roles / Responsibilities:

  1. To update master data for every project.
  2. Take care of special cases ( any specific diseases, domestic violence, drug addiction, family planning, child education, employment etc.) and take them to closure.
  3. To perform survey to prepare the list of kids more than 6 years of age those who are not going to school. Identify the school in nearby area, talk to school authority, help the parents for documents, filling admission form. kid’s admission under RTE or normal process, based kid’s background.
  4. To perform / organize street play on social issues, take necessary approval from concern authority.
  5. Mailer designing, pamphlet designing, post weekend visit update on our facebook group.


  1. I am willing to be part of your event management team

    1. Please call on 9028117700 to discuss further about the same.

    2. Hi,

      Please call on 9028117700 to discuss in detail about getting associated with SNEH.

  2. hii Im interested to work/volunteer with your organization, can you provide me more details. thank you.

    1. Please call on 9028117700 to discuss further about the same.

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