Next Gen Overpowered by Smart devices

a 5-year-old girl, was playing a game in her apple ipad at her home one
evening. Her mother Mrs. Mathur called her a lot of times but did not get any response
from her. Eventually Mrs. Mathur tried to snatch the ipad, Ayushi got so impulsive
that she suddenly pushed her mother and Mrs Mathur fell down on the floor.

is not the only case. There are so many families who are going through such
similar instances. As mobile and digital devices are in reach of everyone now,
every child has access to it. For some parents, it has become an easy escape
from tiresome job of parenting, child rearing and enjoy their own independence
once child is kept busy with digital idiot boxes.   

I feel fortunate to
have fond memories of my childhood and to be able to recall them and cherish
them even now. I still remember I used to play outside most of the time and we
didn’t have any such device which could hold us to stay back at our homes. Moreover,
we were terrified of our parents and even one single instruction from them
would be something that we used to follow without questioning it. I guess
that’s what taught us respecting the authority and self-discipline. I was able
to detect even a smallest of change in my parent’s eye contact and would
understand that something is not right and that I need to improve myself.

In recent time, we have
migrated to cities, started living in nuclear families. Flats in cities
replaced our earlier own bungalow in village. Small society gardens have
replaced our own big playground for bunch of children. Our Simple but fun
filled games like hide&seek, marbles, race, kabaddi have been replaced by
online games that are mostly aggression inducing.

Our young generation
is busy in digital devices throughout the day and even during late nights. Is
this what we want from the technology? Was this the real purpose behind
inventing digital devices and social media? If we keep going the way we are
currently, I so wish that the last Avatar of Vishnu, Kalki, comes soon and
makes the world a better living place for us and also for the curious little
minds who are our near future.

kids are extremely talented, curious and quick learners. They are getting
exposure of all kinds as parents themselves are educated and want their kids to
have everything that they can buy. This is completely fine, as long as it helps
them learn and cultivate, but the moment it starts spoiling them as a person,
it calls for an action. Our kids are future of our country and their childhood
which is foundation of their life ahead should not be destroyed. The days are
not too far, when there will be institutes which will teach us good parenting
and we will be paying hefty amount to them for the same.

should make our next generation understand that these devices are not only for
playing games or chatting in social networking sites or apps. We should make
them aware about positive uses of technology and how can it facilitate learning
without affecting health and wellbeing. There are plenty sources of knowledge
and it can be obtained by using them in a constructive manner. We can do
miracles by using these sources efficiently.

Being a role model is
important. If parents are not keeping away from digital media in front of kids,
then they can’t tell their kids to do that.


  1. Very important aspect of our modern day living, pointed out inna very effective way Mohan. Yes, i pray too for the Kalki to descent soon or Be Kalkis ourselves and reform the modern day childhood, by being a role model ourselves as you rightly said. Keep writing, as we n society at large is looking forward to your next posts!

  2. Very well wri

  3. Fantastic

  4. Now days all the parent’s are facing same scenario because they do not have free time for their child they also want busy their child in digital device. we should take some time from our busy schedule for our child . if we will paly with they will more attract and in future they will things which we are doing now.

  5. Its an article on which everyone should give a thought.
    Great Post !!

  6. Awesome blog Mohan!
    Yes, identifying this issue is the first step. We then have to make conscious efforts in our families lifestyle the way we interact with technology to be able to give our next generation the life we lived & enjoyed.

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