Why is Family Planning Important?

We still remember the slogan by the Indian Government. It said, “Hum do hamare do”. Back then just 4 years after independence this was the slogan out in India. But, by the end of 90’s this slogan changed to “hum do hamara ek”. One kid is a happy family. Yes, we must say family planning has come a long way since then.

Family planning services help the
people to decide how many kids to have, what should the interval between the
kids. It is very important to have a well – planned family so that the couple
can live a happy life. Family planning is an important component that will
benefit the health of the mother making her healthy and happy life. 

An unplanned pregnancy can be
hazardous for health, deplete the finances of the family, and affect the social
structure of the country as well as the environment. The importance to
different people involved is as follows –

Benefits to the Mother

  • Improved health
  • Proper attention
  • Giving proper
    time to everything
  • Giving career a boost
  • Freedom to pursue
    some hobbies.

Benefits to the children

  • Great health
  • Happiness
  • Getting more
  • Getting more
    security, love and care.

Benefits to the father

  • Less of financial
  • Proper planning
    and concentration
  • Preserving the
    family resources.

Some ways of
preventing pregnancy and opt for family planning

  • Barriers – There are
    condoms for male and females, diaphragm, cervical cap, contraceptive sponges,
    and spermicides. They all help in protecting from sexually transmitted diseases
    and HIV.
  • Hormonal
    – A woman can regulate or stop ovulation to prevent pregnancy. They also
    thicken the cervical mucus. This can be done by using pills, injections, skin
    patches, vaginal rings, intrauterine devices, implantable rods etc. This will
    help in regularizing the cycles, reduce the blood loss & dysmenorrhea.
  • Intrauterine
    – This is a small T shaped device which is inserted in the uterus to
    prevent pregnancy.
  • Permanent
    – There are some surgical methods which are done for long–term
    contraception when one needs no more kids. A surgical blockage of tubes is done
    and is not reversible. It is a good method when women don’t want a pregnancy.

There are
millions of women who want to avoid pregnancy but are not able to do so due to
family pressures or access to modern contraceptive methods. There are countless
abortions happening because of unwanted pregnancies. There are various deaths
of mother and children occurring due to the complications of pregnancy. By
using family planning these things are reduced and a road to great health can
be paved through. We at Sneh Foundation help pregnant mothers. Also, we make
the slum dwellers understand the importance of family planning. In case, you
want to volunteer with us just connect with us.

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