Nutrition → Project COMAL

Nutrition → Project COMAL

Aims to eradicate the horrors of malnutrition from the underprivileged sections of the society!


SNEH Foundation is the implementing partner of TATA Motors’ CSR health initiative ‘Arogya’. We are working together for three years to combat malnutrition in the most marginalized communities of PCMC. COMAL is a combating malnutrition initiative and it adheres to the community-based management of acute malnutrition model (CMAM) endorsed by UNICEF and WHO. In CMAM our team of community link workers (CLW) provides treatment for children with severe acute malnutrition in the home using Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic Foods (RUTF) and routine medical care. For children with moderate acute malnutrition supplementary food is provided on the doorstep. Awareness related to preventive methodologies is spread in the community so that healthy children do not suffer from malnutrition.

500 severely malnourished children have been identified to date from 11 slum pockets of PCMC.
90% of children have moved to a healthy zone and have sustained in the last 2 years.
5000+ families indirectly impacted by conducting street plays, digital sessions, recipe sessions, etc in the communities.


  1. There is a need to sponsor healthy diet to a childcare home in Pune. Along with an initiative where we are speaking to such children towards their mental well being. These children are usually abandoned or their parents are serving jail term and the children have harrowing experiences where they have been abused. Can we work as a team where you can provide food maybe once a week to about 200 children. It will be quite helpful if we offer protein rich food to them. Please let me know if we can work out something.

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