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Aims to provide the highest quality of pre-primary schooling to the kids from the most marginalized sections of the society.

SNEH Community Preschools:

Emphasizing on the importance of early literacy in every kid’s life, we are running a chain of community preschools. The core idea of these schools is to adopt the most economical way of imparting knowledge without compromising on the quality and standard of education.

Most of the kids enrolled comes from low-income or no-income household. They are provided with all the necessities like Uniform, Shoes, Bag, and Stationery free of cost to ensure the family can focus on education with any additional burden.

Upon completion of their pre-primary education we help them in getting enrolled in other schools for further education via RTE route, in which we have around 80% success rate.

Thanks to all the sponsors and well-wishers we are currently running 6 such pre-schools catering to around 500 kids with our perpetual determination to expand and reach out to every urban slum and make the dream of “Education for All” a reality.

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